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Avail Celebrates 10-years

2019 marks 10-years for Avail Coaching & Consulting!

It has been a remarkable 10-years of trying to figure it out – while I’ve learned quite a lot over these 10-years, I’m still learning and growing – because, when you stop learning and growing, you die.

Being a veracious reader, okay not a reader, rather an audio book listener (when the author has an audio platform). Some of my favorite authors include Simon Sinek, Brené Brown, Daniel Pink and Paul Batz. All talk about leadership as being “others focused”, and each from a bit of a different perspective.

The focus of this post is from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why– How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Penguin Press, 2009.

I’m focusing on this, because it’s important for me to share with you, my Why. Why I do the work I do, my passion.

In this book, Sinek speaks about the Golden Circle with Why in the center of the circle then How you do it, then finally What you do.

My Why

I started my company, Avail Coaching & Consulting 10-years ago with my What. I’ve been in Human Resources for my entire professional life, therefore, I will be a good HR consultant (so I thought). How does this differentiate me from all the thousands of HR consultants? It doesn’t.

After doing my What for a number of years, I am now able to identify my Why

I love to learn. I love to make an impact. I get invited into many organizations that are all different. Different industries, different sectors, different sizes, etc. and I get to learn about these different businesses. While learning about these businesses, I also get to make an impact on that business and individuals within that business. I have a really cool job!

My How

Improving organizations by enhancing human potential through Leadership Development & Coaching, Team Building, Organization Development, Change Management and Human Resources.

These all have different meanings for people and organizations. To me they mean:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Everyone is always learning and growing, or on a development path. Providing Leadership Development and Coaching is not a bad thing, it’s actually wonderful organizations think that continuous development and coaching will add to the bottom line of their organization.

  • It’s developing individuals into their next role (building the bench)

  • It’s developing individuals who are new to their role

  • It’s working with individuals in their current role to “think out loud” about the future of their organization, or their own future

  • Team Building

  • Organizations do best when there are teams of people working together, respecting each other’s individual contributions, setting aside or respecting differences to move the project, and/or the organization forward

  • Organization Development

  • Working to define where the organization is going (strategic planning) and developing the tools and processes to reach those goals.

  • Change Management

  • WOW – The world is changing at warp speed

  • I work with organizations and teams to really understand the impact of the changes and develop plans to bring the people along with the changes – understanding that not all will survive the change.

  • Human Resources

  • This is the “catch-all” bucket – if it’s not listed above, it lands here, some items include

  • HR Assessments – assessing the current HR organization for compliance, culture, benefits, etc. and making, and at times delivering, on recommendations

  • Mergers & Acquisitions – (also falls under Organization Development and Change Management). Setting up the HR function for the new organization.

My What

I engage with organizations and individuals where they are at. I listen intently to where they want to go and ask meaningful questions to really understand (and also help [them]really understand) where they are and where they want to be. I set up a plan that all parties agree to of what will be done (and won’t be done) with timelines and goals, then work the plan.

To learn more about Avail Coaching & Consulting, check out my website

Feel free to reach out to me at,

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